Facebook has been slammed for a ‘misguided advertising’ campaign, with some users expressing anger at its “strikes Back” feature.

The social media giant said on Thursday it would temporarily remove the ads it had paid for on its ad network after receiving complaints.

Users on Facebook said they were surprised that Facebook would have to make the move, saying it had been targeting “misleading” ads, while others said they had been misled by Facebook’s ad salespeople.

A Facebook spokesperson told Business Insider that the company was working to resolve the issue.

The ad network, which has been running for years, had recently been updated to make it more robust.

“As part of a broader update, we’ve removed a small number of ads from the Marketplace that have appeared in recent months and are now in a more robust state,” the spokesperson told us.

Facebook said that while the ads were not misleading, the changes were a “small number” and that it was “working on additional measures to improve the Marketplace”.

However, it also said that the changes had “not impacted Marketplace ad sales”.

We’ve reached out to Facebook for more information and will update this article if we hear back.

Users who had purchased an ad on Facebook were unable to view it, and those who had paid the “Slingbox” service for free were unable for the time being to view their ad.

Facebook has previously removed “misguided” ads.

However, the company has recently come under fire for not enforcing its advertising rules in the wake of the #MeToo movement, which saw women coming forward with allegations of sexual assault and harassment.

The issue is likely to be a sticking point in the courts, as a court case between the two companies is ongoing.

Facebook’s ‘strike back’ policy has been criticised for allowing the ad network to continue running after the issue was raised.

Facebook did not immediately respond to Business Insider’s request for comment.

A spokesperson for the social media company told us that “the decision to temporarily remove these ads has been made to prevent further confusion and frustration”.

The spokesperson added that Facebook “will continue to update the Marketplace to ensure we are delivering more useful ads for our users.”

However, some users have been voicing their anger at Facebook’s “strike back” campaign.

One Facebook user, @briann, wrote on Twitter that Facebook was “making me feel like an idiot” for paying for ads on the Marketplace, as the ads would have been “clearly marked as misleading”.

She added that she had paid $6.50 per ad for the “slingbox”, and had not noticed the ads before.

The “slogan” has since been removed from Facebook’s Marketplace.

Another user, named @brianholloway, tweeted that “I have no idea what’s going on” when it comes to ads, and added: “What if Facebook is just not paying any ads for my posts?

What if they don’t want me to see my posts because they don ‘know’ I have nothing to hide?”

Another user called @joseph_jones tweeted: “The Marketplace is still going to exist?

It has been taken away from me.

What if I paid for a video on my wall?

What about the ads for the livestream I can’t access now?”

Facebook said in a statement that the ads had not been flagged as misleading by its ad team.

It added that it had removed “some” of the “misrepresentative” ads “as we continue to improve our Marketplace.”

However it added that the Marketplace was “currently working to improve its ads”.

Business Insider has contacted Facebook for comment, and will continue to report on the issue as it develops.

The Marketplace is a way for users to buy and sell things on Facebook, including games, apps, and even music.

The platform allows users to add up to 500 other users to the marketplace, and then sell their items to the other users.

The number of sellers is capped at 500, and the seller has to make at least $500 in sales to make a purchase.

In the past, Facebook has also removed some ads that were misleading.

In May, Facebook removed ads for an app called “DuckDuckGo” after users reported the ad was misleading.

However the company eventually pulled the ad.

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