Free ads are being used by local councils in Dublin to advertise a new social enterprise in the city centre.

Free advertising staffords Dublin City Council, which has more than 6,000 staff in more than 100 staff positions, has decided to use the new free advertising stafford to advertise the ‘Social Capital Project’.

The project is to promote social inclusion and civic engagement and is being run by Dublin City University.

The City Council will use the free advertising to advertise three services, namely: The Dublin City JobCentre, which will run on the main site; the JobCentres of Dublin City and the City of Dublin; and the Jobcentre of Dublin.

The project has already received more than £1.2 million in funding.

A statement on the council’s website says the new advertising will bring more people into the local economy, by creating jobs for local residents and encouraging others to take up local jobs.

The ‘Social Business Project’ will be a ‘significant initiative’ which will generate employment and create jobs locally.

The company will employ a number of staff from the City Councils office, the Job Centres, and other local councils, according to the council.

This will include those working on the Dublin City Government JobCentrer programme, who will be supported with training, technical assistance, mentoring and mentoring to ensure they are ready for the job of running the JobCenter.

This includes support for the creation of new JobCenters and the recruitment of new staff.

Free ads will be used by Dublin city council to advertise 3 local services in Dublin.

Free ads Stafford City Council has announced that free ads will have a major impact on the lives of residents in the areas they are advertised.

The announcement was made in a council meeting this morning.

Read more about the Free Ads scheme: Free ads are used by stafford council to promote the Dublin JobCentr, a social enterprise to promote civic engagement in the area.