PHILIPPINES — Free ads appear more frequently in the United States than in most of the world, according to data from the nonprofit online advertising company The Nielsen Company.

The ad-free U.S. audience is the biggest of any of the 38 countries in The Nielsen Consumer Guide.

Nielsen said there are an estimated 10 million people who watch ads online.

While the United Kingdom and Canada account for more than half of U.K. ad-buying, the U.A.E. and Australia are home to the second and third most ad-stealing countries, with each accounting for 3 percent of all ad-related spending, Nielsen said.

Australia, meanwhile, ranks fifth for ad-blocking, with just 0.4 percent of total ad spending.

The United States is home to one of the largest ad-spending audiences in the world with an average of $11 billion per month.

Advertisers spend roughly $10 billion each month on ad-supported online content, Nielsen found.

“The United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, France, and Japan are the biggest spenders,” Nielsen’s director of research and analytics, Mark Bresnahan, said in a statement.

China leads the ad-blocker world, with $8.9 billion spent per month, followed by the U