Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday said that he would fight corruption and would not stop the free personal ads (FPA) that are being offered to people in the country.

Speaking at a press conference in New Delhi, Modi said that the government would look into it and would work on it, adding that there are no free ads available to people.

“There are people in India who are not eligible to be employed by the government, but they are being paid in cash,” he said.

“The government will look into that and work on that.”

Modi said that in order to curb corruption, he would take on corrupt officials.

“I will not be content with the free ads,” he added.

“We will take on all those who have committed corruption,” Modi said, reiterating his pledge to fight corruption.

“That is our message to people, and I will not stop that message.”

Modis government is also looking at the issue of foreign investment, Modi added, while warning that foreign companies have no business in India.

“We will do everything to stop the foreign investment,” he reiterated.

“If foreign companies invest in our country, I want them to be honest and truthful.”

Modise says Indian government will do all it can to tackle corruption, while not stopping the free advertising campaign. #PMindia  #PMIndia — India (@IndiasGovernment) January 12, 2021In a separate press conference, Modi also promised that the PM would create a national system of government in India, which would create an independent judiciary and police force.

The Prime Minister’s office did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

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