The parents of a married couple from Cork are about to get their first child.

They are hoping to have a child in their 20s by then and have a year to plan the birth.

Their son will be named James.

They were born in April, but it is yet to be confirmed if they will have a boy.

Mr John McConchie, 51, said he was thrilled to be getting married, and his wife of 22 years said they were “delighted” with their son’s arrival.

“We are very excited to get married and be parents,” he said.

“It’s a great moment and it feels really good.

We are really happy with how things are going, and we will celebrate the birth together on Sunday.”

The couple, who have been married for six years, have a daughter named Tanya, seven.

They have a son named James, who will be about 20 months old, from a previous marriage.

He will live with his father and stepmother.

The couple’s daughter, who was born in September last year, has been named Claire.

She is in the process of getting married in April.

Their youngest son, who is also named James is already being looked after at home.