Free swingers adverts have been banned from the US following complaints by the United States Copyright Office.

Free swinger advertising is not illegal in the US, but the US Government wants to stamp out it, the BBC has learnt. 

The Advertising Standards Authority of the US has taken the unprecedented step of banning free swinger adverts in the country, citing the “significant risks” to consumers.

Free sex videos have also been banned in the state.

Advertising agencies said they were still waiting to hear back from the Copyright Office on whether the move was legal.

“As soon as we hear back, we will update our policy on this,” said one industry expert. 

“This is a very significant step to protect consumers, to make sure the advertising industry doesn’t get a pass to do what they do,” he added.

“The US Copyright Office has issued a warning to ad agencies and the internet service providers (ISPs) that will be taken into account in their plans.”

“This ban is the culmination of months of work by our enforcement team and the Copyright Advisory Council.”

It is very important that all advertisers comply with this notice.

“The adverts are being banned in all 50 states, and New York City.

The ban is likely to lead to the end of many swinger websites and social media groups, which have sprung up in recent years. 

There is already widespread outrage over the adverts, which show naked women dancing in a pool, or in front of nude bodies in front or behind people’s homes.

They were also banned in France, Italy, Spain, and Brazil.

In a statement, the US Copyright office said it was “troubled” by the advert ban and “strongly urges” the media and internet service companies to “reconsider their advertising practices”. 

The move follows a decision by the US Food and Drug Administration in April to ban adverts for men topless on the internet.

The ad was also banned from a number of countries in the EU including Italy, France, Spain and Belgium.

The US Government has been working on a strategy to combat the spread of free sex videos, known as ‘swinger’ videos, which often feature scantily-clad women, dancing and having sex.

The Free Swingers Action Network (FASN) said it supported the ban and urged the government to do more to “prevent the spread” of these ads.”

We encourage the Government to take this step as it would be a first step to address the widespread harm these videos are causing,” the group said in a statement.”

For example, this is just the beginning of a concerted effort to get these videos banned in countries such as the US and France.

“More needs to be done to ensure that this type of content is not allowed to flourish in the future. 

We look forward to continuing to work with the Copyright and Licensing Services of the United State of America, and with the US State Department and the International Olympic Committee to continue to work together to stop the spread and stop the harm.” 

The organisation also said it would continue to monitor the impact of the ban.

It said it hoped the ban would lead to more people “coming forward and sharing their stories of what happened to them”.

“Free swingers should be welcome everywhere, whether they are in their home country or in a coffee shop, and the actions taken today are a clear message to these advertisers that they are not welcome in the United Kingdom or anywhere else in the world,” FASN director David Willetts said. 

Last month, a Dutch court ruled that a Dutch ad agency was liable for damages after a woman said she had been sexually assaulted in an ad for the company. 

In December, the UK’s Advertising Standards Agency said it had taken action against two UK ad agencies over a sex video, which featured a naked woman dancing with a male partner in a bedroom. 

 The advertising watchdog said the video was “vile, repugnant and distasteful” and the firm that produced it was liable. 

But the UK advertising watchdog did not impose any fines on the companies. 

A spokeswoman for the US office of the Copyright office in Washington, DC, said the US government had received “several” complaints about the ad.

“If you have a complaint, you can file a complaint with the agency,” she said.

“I cannot go into detail about specific actions that have been taken.”

The US agency has also told Australian advertisers to cease advertising in the region.

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