If you want to create free ads on the web, you can’t do it without Adobe Flash Player.

If you’re new to this, here’s a quick guide to getting started.

If you don’t have Adobe Flash installed, you’ll need to install it.

Follow the steps below to get Flash installed.

Step 1.

Create a new page on your website (or create a new site) and add a free ad page.

For example, if you’re going to create an ad for a free app, here are the steps to get started.

Step 2.

Create an HTML file with a headline and description of the ad.

The headline is what you’ll be describing your ad as, while the description should be descriptive of the type of content you’re advertising.

Step 3.

Save your HTML file.

(You can use any text editor you like.

I use Notepad.

I’m not a web developer.)

Step 4.

Copy and paste the headline into the HTML file, followed by the description, then click the Save button.

You can also click the Add New button to add your own text to your ad.

Step 5.

Copy the HTML code from Step 4 and paste it into the text box on the right side of your ad page and click Save.

Step 6.

Once your ad is saved, open it up on your site and let your visitors see it.

It will take about 15 seconds to load.

You’ll notice it has a blank page, so your ad has to be formatted to make it readable.

For more information about creating ads, check out this tutorial:How to create a free advertising ad mock up