It’s been awhile since Spotify has been a free streaming service, but now the company is adding free ad-supported music streaming to its catalog.

The service launched its ad-free music streaming service today, allowing users to browse and download music for free.

Spotify has long been criticized for the way it operates its music catalog, with ad-driven services such as Rdio and iTunes earning a lot of attention when it comes to getting the music people want.

Spotify’s music service, however, isn’t like those other services, with the catalog being curated by the company, not the artists.

Spotify will now be able to stream any album that has an artist on it as long as they’re licensed under the Spotify Music label.

“The future is for music and music creators to work together to create the next generation of artists,” Spotify Music VP and VP of product Dan Pinchbeck said in a statement.

“Spotify Music is a way for artists to showcase their work to millions of fans across the world.”

Spotify has been working on this for quite some time, with Pinchbaen working with Spotify’s ad-blocking and music streaming team to work out how to make it more appealing for users.

The company has been slowly making its way into the ad-centric world, and it’s looking to make its move even bigger with this announcement.