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Read less A number of gaming websites, including Reddit and GameSpot, have recently removed advertisements from their websites.

Some of these sites have been accused of allowing child pornography, which is illegal under Swedish law.

The site’s founder, George “Mr Game” Stamos, admitted in a YouTube video that the company “got into trouble” with the law in the past.

Stamos claimed he had removed ads from more than 30 sites, including some linked to the Pirate Bay and other illegal file-sharing sites.

He also claimed he did so to “make a few extra bucks”.

The Pirate Bay was shut down by the Swedish authorities in 2014, with the site now operating in the Netherlands and Germany.

Many of the sites that had been linked to child pornography were removed, as were those that were linked to paedophiles and child pornographers.

Reddit, which also has an ad-free policy, is currently in talks with the FBI over its ad-blocking policy, according to Ars Technica.

The company is currently facing an investigation by Swedish police into allegations that it allowed illegal file sharing in the first place.

In 2018, the Pirate Party, a far-right political party that has been banned in Sweden for several years, became the first political party to receive an invitation to the FIFA World Cup in Russia.

A leaked document reportedly revealed that Russian officials had secretly helped organise the 2018 World Cup and that the tournament would be held in a Moscow stadium, rather than St Petersburg’s Olympic Stadium.

The event has since been cancelled.