has added a new category for ads that include images, and the company is now accepting bids from advertisers in that space.


is offering up to $25,000 for a free ad in the category called “Images” and is asking for images that include a headline or image caption.

The ad has no description, but Yahoo!

says that the “image is clearly visible on the page and can be read from the user’s perspective.”

If you want to see the ad and submit your images, go to and select “Submit image for ad.”


also has other categories for ads related to ebooks, audiobooks, video games, music, and sports.

Ads in those categories are usually free.

Ads for movies, television shows, and games tend to be cheaper, and Yahoo!

doesn’t offer many in the free category.

The free ads are still available, though, and if you click on them, you’ll see a “Pay Now” button.

For ads related in some way to Yahoo!, you’ll need to add Yahoo!

to your cart. 

The adspot service is free, but the ads are limited to the Yahoo!



You can sign up for an account and then browse the Yahoo Yahoo!

ad group to see ads.

If you’re not in the group yet, you can sign in for free by entering the same Yahoo!

email address you used to sign up.