India ranks in the top 10 in the number of free online video providers, according to a report by Digital Entertainment News (DEAN), a UK-based research firm.

The country ranks at number 20 in terms of free streaming videos, followed by Russia at number 24 and Japan at number 30.

India is also the top performer in terms a number of countries, according the report, which was released on Tuesday.

The top ten countries with the most videos on the Internet are India, Canada, Japan, United States, China, Singapore, France and Australia.

In terms of quality, the report found India to be the best in terms in terms the number and quality of videos that are available on the platform.

India ranks third in terms that the most quality videos available on any platform, with 8.6 per cent, while the next best country in terms is Japan at 5.7 per cent.

“India has a great infrastructure for free online entertainment and it has the potential to become the leader in this area,” DEAN managing director and senior fellow at DEAN Institute for Digital Entertainment, Dr Amitabh Patel, told IANS.

“While other countries may have high quality content, this does not translate to a large number of quality videos.

So we have to look at how much content there is to go around and how many users are watching,” he said.”

The challenge is that India has a poor internet infrastructure, which is a major barrier for content creators.

This is a key reason why so many creators are migrating to China and Russia,” he added.