The voice of the show’s biggest fan, Sam Smith, was back at it again for season 2, with the new music from his new album ‘The Answer’.

Sam’s new song ‘The Final Answer’ is a big hit, with fans celebrating on social media.

The singer has shared a clip of his new track, which features a guest appearance from a female artist named “Nana”.

Sam told reporters that he’s proud of the track, with many fans calling it “a great song”.

“It’s been a long time coming,” he said.

“I had to come back to it and do it the right way.

I think the music will be great.

I was working on a lot of different stuff at the time.”

Sam explained that he wanted to “make sure the song was as perfect as possible”.

“I didn’t want to make a record that I’m happy with,” he joked.

Sam is joined by fellow singer, Kiesza, who also made an appearance on ‘The One Show’.

“I wanted to give it my all,” Kiesz said.

“I think it was good to sing alongside Sam, because I’ve been with him since ‘Loser’.”

Kiesza also shared her favourite song from ‘Lose Yourself’, and told the ABC that it was “really uplifting” to perform it.

“It was really touching,” she said.

Sam, Kiersza and Kiesze have previously shared some of the music from their first albums, and it seems as if fans have been waiting for more.

“We’re getting a lot more stuff coming out now, so that’s nice,” Sam said.”[Nana] is just a wonderful addition to the group, and she’s really awesome.”

Watch the new video for ‘The Question’ below:

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