What you need to know about getting Google’s paid ads to show up in your WordPress theme article How to use Google AdSense to get your ads to run in your theme, or get Google to show your ads on your site?

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I’m going to walk through the steps needed to get them to work.

Step 1: Get Google to allow you to use paid ads in your themesStep 2: Configure your Google Adsense accountStep 3: Enable your Google Ads accountStep 4: Set up your Google ads for WordPress themeStep 5: Enable the Google Ads dashboardStep 6: Configuring your Google Analytics accountStep 7: Set the Google Analytics dashboardStep 8: Configured Google Ads for WordPress themesStep 9: Configures your Google Search ConsoleStep 10: Configurate Google AdWordsStep 11: Configurations Google AnalyticsStep 12: Configing your Google+ pageYou may need to get the following permissions to do this step.

Step 0: Get your Google Google Ads AdSense account from GoogleStep 1.

Open your GoogleAds dashboard on the right side of your WordPress site.

Step 2.

Select the Google Ad Sense account you just createdStep 3.

Click on the “Sign in” button at the top of the page.

Step 4.

Enter your Google account and click “Sign up.”

Step 5.

The page will appear to ask you to confirm the account you created.

Step 6.

Click “Confirm”Step 7.

You will be redirected to a screen that looks like this:Step 8.

Click the “Manage Ads” button and then “Add Ad.”

Step 9.

You can then click “Add” and the AdSense ad will appear.

Step 10.

Click a box to add the ad and it will appear on your WordPress page.

If you’re not already signed into Google, click the “Log In” button on the bottom right of the screen and log in.

Step 11.

Click an empty box and then click the link that says “Google AdSense.”

Step 12.

Choose “Allow.”

The AdSense page will then display.

Step 13.

You’ll see a page like this that looks something like this.

Step 14.

Clicking on the button to create an AdSense will display a screen like thisStep 15.

Click this button and the Google ad will load on your Google site.

I would recommend that you create an account for Google AdSens so that you can set up Google Analytics to track your AdSense traffic.

Step 16.

Click your AdSenses button.

Step 17.

A box will appear that asks you to create a Google account.

Step 18.

Fill out the details and click the green “Create Account” button.

You will now be redirected back to your Google Dashboard.

Step 19.

Click it again and this time a box will be displayed with a “Create Google Ad” button, click it and the ad will open.

Step 20.

The AdSense Ad will appear here.

Step 21.

Click to start tracking your Adsense traffic.

The Google Ad will then appear here on your website.

Step 22.

Click and hold on the ad to see the data that it’s displaying.

Step 23.

Click anywhere in the AdSense chart to get to the data page.

This data shows the Adsense amount, total amount, and how much of each type of AdSense it’s using.

You can also drill down and view more information about each AdSense type and usage.

Step 24.

Click here to close this screen.

Step 25.

On your Google dashboard page, you will see a section labeled “Settings.”

Step 26.

Click there and you will be directed to the settings for your Advertisers.

Step 27.

Click through this section and you should see a list of Advertiser categories and types of ads that are being shown.

Step 28.

Click over the AdvertisER categories that you want to see and then follow the steps that are outlined here.

You should now see an ad that shows you the details of the Ad.

Step 29.

Click back on the Ad and you can now see a confirmation page.

Now that the Ad is active and you’ve seen the confirmation page, click on the checkbox that says You can manage AdSense data and click on “Sign Up.”

Step 30.

You should see the “Create Ad” page appear.

You have two options for how to sign up.

Option 1: You can use Google Authenticator.

Step 31.

Enter a password and click Create Ad.

Step 32.

Click Save and then Click “Done.”

Step 33.

You have now signed in to Google and can access your AdWords account.


You have successfully added Google Ads to your WordPress website.

Step 34: If you don’t want to use an AdSider account, you can disable Google Ads.

Step 35: Google will not display AdSense ads in a WordPress theme, so you need some other Google Advertisments to show on