A new study shows that the way men and women photograph their bodies is changing.

Women are taking selfies, not men, according to a study released Monday.

The researchers found that women now prefer to capture the body parts of men in a picture than photos of men that focus on their faces.

The study, which was published in the journal Social Psychology Quarterly, also found that men and girls have different preferences for facial expressions and expressions of emotion.

For instance, a study in 2011 found that boys prefer facial expressions of excitement to those of disappointment.

The difference in body language may be the main reason why women are choosing to capture men in photos instead of women, said lead author Anna Tisch of the University of Utah.

“Our data suggests that we should take note of the body language that a woman is using,” Tisch said.

“When a woman’s body language is a little bit different, then a man’s is a lot more expressive.”

For example, when a woman takes a selfie, she may not smile, or even hold her breath.

But when she takes a picture, she might put her hands on her hips, lean forward or even shake her head, Tisch told ABC News.

When a man takes a photo, he may place his hands in his pockets or lean forward.

Tisch also said that when it comes to facial expressions, men and boys are more likely to use the lips and teeth in a neutral or smiling pose, while girls are more inclined to use a neutral, embarrassed or tense expression.

The findings could be used to better educate people about how to take good pictures, Tsch said.

For example: Men might prefer a slightly raised eyebrow, while women might prefer to use an expression of happiness.

Women tend to smile more when taking a selfie.

And when it came to facial expression, girls are much more likely than boys to use their hands, and their bodies appear more relaxed.

The authors of the study also suggested that if you want to get a good selfie, you should consider a wide angle lens.

Tich said that even though people take selfies because they like the pictures, they also like the interaction with the person who is taking the picture.