Axios — Trump’s political ad blitz is back on track after Trump accused the software company of being a “political tool” and said it “has taken the world by storm” with its ads.

The Republican nominee, who spent more than $200 million on his campaign last month, said in the new ad that “it’s time for the media to start paying attention to the truth, not their political agenda” and accused the ad-blocker company of making him look “like a fool.”

“I’ve been getting a lot of bad ratings because of the fact that they are blocking my ads, but I want to thank you because they are the most effective political ad that I’ve seen,” Trump said.

“They are the strongest political ads I’ve been seeing.”

He also called the company “a tool for the left.”

The ad is the latest salvo in a campaign in which Trump has accused tech giants of being “totally dishonest” in their ads, a claim that has become a rallying cry for critics who say the ads distract from his message.

The billionaire, who has spent nearly $200 billion in his campaign, called for a boycott of all major ad-supported websites, including Google and Facebook, which have been critical of his policies.

Trump also claimed that Google “made me look like a fool,” a claim he made in a tweet on Saturday. “

The whole world is watching,” he says.

Trump also claimed that Google “made me look like a fool,” a claim he made in a tweet on Saturday.

“Just heard the very dishonest and distorted (Google) Adwords ad today, that has me losing.

Adwords is a political tool that is used by the liberal media to push a liberal agenda.

It’s the worst!”

The ad, which is set to air Monday on NBC’s “Today,” comes amid the GOP nominee’s ongoing push to counter attacks from the left and the media, which are critical of Trump’s policies.

He has also taken aim at Twitter, accusing the social media platform of “bullying” him by blocking him.

The presumptive GOP nominee tweeted Saturday that Twitter’s “political censorship” “is killing America,” and that the company has “been using this ad campaign as a tool for their political campaign.”

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