By KIRAN BHATODIRUPAds: Free ads folkstone,plymont ads free article In a world of endless adverts, it’s a refreshingly unselfish act to go beyond the usual fare.

So how would you like to know the life story of a New York-based author who’s been hailed as a writer of genius, author of many books and one of the most respected voices in Indian publishing?

Here are 10 things you need to know about Naveen Chopra. 

Born in 1950, Chopra was a very early adopter of technology. 

His first book, the bestselling Prajnath Mandhanshwar, was published in 1984.

The book was a novel of the same name, which he wrote under the pen name Prakash Chopra, which was later changed to Nadeem Chatterjee.

Chopra later adapted this novel into a film called The Path. 

Chopra’s work is the perfect antidote to the monotony of advertisements and the relentless barrage of marketing that has become the norm in the modern world. 

He has never had any friends like you, the way his wife Keshav Kher was.

“She never came home,” Chopra once said. 

“My wife is an artist, and I love to make art.

So I said, ‘Let’s go to the museum.'”

Chopra had his first novel published in 1985. 

A short story collection published in 1987 and a novel called Nashikara were also published. 

Later, Chopras work in filmography helped him win a best actor award at the Cannes Film Festival in 1997.

Chopras life has been marked by his writing and his literary work.

In his last book, Pramana , Choprakas autobiography was written with a view to helping his younger brother, a doctor. 

Narendra Modak, Chopran’s closest confidant, once said Chopra is one of his closest friends.

Chopran was inducted into the Bharatiya Arts Council in 2003. 

The first film Praveen Chopras was released in 2016.

Chopr was also named as one of India’s most inspiring intellectuals and a writer of great literary works.

Choprase is one the most prolific authors in India. 

Read more about Pravin Chandrasekhar Chopra on New York Times cover page by Kiran BhatodirupThe first book of the Naseem Chopra series was published in 1984 in India’s largest publisher Bhela Books.

It was the first book of a trilogy called The Path and Nabaland to be written with the help of computer generated imagery. 

In 1984, Choprase published The Rise of Nadeem Choprase.

Choprah was born in 1950 in New Delhi. 

During his childhood, he was a schoolboy, and he learnt Sanskrit and English.

Choprum had his father, a retired doctor, as his tutor. 

Pray for me and all my readers, Choprat said.

I am very sad to leave the world of books, but I am not alone. 

Bhagat Chopra has been the most influential literary figure in India for over 60 years.

The former chief minister of Delhi and the chairman of the Congress party has authored more than a thousand books, and is considered to be India’s greatest writer. 

(Photo: Reuters) Chowdhury Chopra (1948-2015)Chowdury Chopr’s life story is the most complete in India and its one of literary genius.

He was born in 1960 in New Bombay, in the Indian city of Pune. 

At the age of five, Chopr was exposed to the new world of electronic books.

His first book was The Promise, which has sold more than 400 million copies in the world.

It tells the story of two boys who go to England to marry, but they soon find themselves separated by a man who promises to help them. 

 Chapr’s parents were very poor.

They had to live in a shack for seven years because they were too poor to get proper education. 

By the age he was nine, Choprah was a student of English and Mathematics.

He went to the same boarding school as the likes of Salman Rushdie, Gita and Salman Rushaj. 

As a child, Chopri was the only one of seven children in his family. 

After graduation from the primary school, Chopree studied in London.

He moved to New York City in the 1960s to attend Columbia University. 

However, the city was not conducive to the kind of writing Choprah wanted to