Facebook has revealed it will soon launch a new product called Facebook Ads.

The social network is launching a new ad product, the Facebook Ads Platform, and it will make its way to the platform for users to create and share custom ad campaigns.

The platform will enable advertisers to use Facebook Ads in the same way they do in the app, so users can easily share their own content with the platform.

It’s an interesting move that comes at a time when the social network has been getting pressure from advertisers to change the way it presents its content and to use its ad platforms more effectively.

It also shows that the platform is getting more and more used by advertisers to make money.

The Facebook Ads platform is a “digital marketplace” that Facebook will use to allow advertisers to connect with users, according to the company.

It will be available to anyone who wants to create an ad campaign using Facebook Ads, and there are no restrictions.

Facebook said the platform will make it easy for advertisers to reach users, promote products and brands and to sell them through their social network.

Facebook Ads will be integrated into the Facebook website, and Facebook users will be able to purchase ads on the platform and use them to drive more targeted ads to their followers.

Facebook says the platform has over 30 million users and a growing following.

Facebook’s ads are currently priced at $0.30 per thousand impressions, which is a lot cheaper than competitors.

That makes Facebook’s approach a little different from its competitors, including Twitter, which charges advertisers a flat fee of $0, and Snapchat, which has no advertising fees.

Snapchat’s ad revenue is growing and Facebook wants to offer its advertisers the ability to charge users a flat rate for their advertising.

Snapchat says it has been growing its ad revenue by over 25 per cent a year and has more than $1 billion in ad revenue.

“It’s an important opportunity for us, because the platform enables a more seamless and powerful advertising experience for our users,” said Mike Schroeder, CEO of Snapchat.

“As an advertiser we want to build on our existing ad platform and enable the people who use our platform to reach more people, to build brands and sell products, and to make a living.”

The platform is also the latest in a series of efforts by Facebook to change how it sells ads.

It recently launched its new mobile ad platform, which includes mobile ads for mobile apps.

Snapchat also has a mobile app that can be used to sell products directly to people in their mobile apps, or on their phones, for less than the cost of traditional advertising.

Zuckerberg’s company has also been trying to get more companies to use it as an advertising platform.

This is especially important now that Facebook has a big audience on mobile devices, since it has the biggest user base.

The move to monetise ads on Facebook seems to be a continuation of the company’s push to do the same thing on the social networking site.

Facebook has been using the social media platform to make ads more relevant to its users, and also to increase the reach of its advertising on its platform.

In December, the company launched a new feature that let users create ads that can reach users more directly and make them more likely to click on them.

Facebook also introduced its first ad product that will let people easily share content they have created with the social platform, as well as embed ads that make it easier for people to discover other content from Facebook and the web.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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