The city’s new advertising blitz will include more than 100 free sex-related ads in bars, restaurant and hotels, while restaurants will be offering a few sex-specific offers, including a $1 off drink.

The advertising blitz is the city’s first foray into the sex industry.

In January, the city launched a five-year initiative to educate the public on safe sex practices, including condom use and how to protect oneself.

“This initiative will educate Winnipegers about the safety and security of our communities, and we’re committed to continuing to educate and educate,” said Winnipeg police Chief Charles Bordeleau.

“We’re committed that people will be safer by being safer, by being educated, and by being respectful of each other’s bodies.”

Winnipeg’s first advertising blitz In January the city rolled out a five year initiative to promote safer sex, including condoms, safe sex education, and safe sex locations.

The city launched the ads to educate its citizens about safe sex, the safety of the community and how it can be enhanced by using safer sex-friendly advertising.

“I think people are getting a little bit tired of these ads that are kind of trying to lure people into something they don’t want to be doing,” said Jennifer McEachern, co-founder of the Winnipeg Safe Sex Campaign.

“They’re trying to sell sex to the young, they’re trying, they want to sell a certain kind of sex, they don [want] to be the type of person that’s going to want to go into that environment, and that’s what they’re doing in these ads.”

The city has launched a free sex ad campaign for the last five years and McEavins said it’s a great way to encourage people to get into safer sex practices.

“You don’t have to be a super confident person to get in that environment,” she said.

“That’s the whole idea of this campaign.

It’s really to encourage everyone to get to know each other and to be kind to each other.”

The Winnipeg Safe Sexual Campaign is a collaboration between the city, Winnipeg Police and the Manitoba College of Family Physicians.

McEavan said it took her more than a year to get this far with the program, but she hopes that the new advertising campaign will help dispel the myths people are hearing.

“These ads have the potential to get the message out that there are safe spaces that people can go into,” she explained.

“And there are really, really safe spaces.”

The campaign will run from April 1 to June 30, 2018, and will run in both public and private venues.

The ads will appear in bars and restaurants, as well as on social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

The campaign is also in response to the recent outbreak of the Zika virus, which has seen an uptick in the number of infections across the country.

The Winnipeg Public Health Centre has confirmed at least three cases of the virus in Winnipeg, and there has been a significant increase in the transmission of the disease in Manitoba.

The public health centre has launched two public education campaigns and launched two free clinics, which will offer free sex and contraception to people who are not insured.

The free clinics have already been rolled out in Winnipeg.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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