AdMob and Twitch are teaming up to bring free video ad-supported YouTube and live streaming Twitch to Android, iOS, Mac and Windows.

AdMob, which acquired Twitch last year for $970 million, and Twitch, which was acquired last year by YouTube for $1 billion, announced today that they will start offering ad-free YouTube and livestreaming in their apps today.

“Today, we’re making YouTube and our video apps free for everyone to use,” said YouTube CMO Jon Rosenblatt in a blog post announcing the news.

“Now you can share your best moments and enjoy free content across all platforms.”

The ad-blocking company said it will also offer ad-compatible Twitch on Android and iOS for people who don’t want to use the ad-blocker to watch live streams.

“With Twitch’s free streaming and ad-sensing technology, you can enjoy unlimited live video content and exclusive content while you’re watching, all on your Android, iPhone, or iPad,” AdMob said.

“Twitch’s ad-less technology also helps us ensure the quality and integrity of the video streams, which makes it easier for our advertisers to target their ad messages.”

In the future, AdMob says it plans to launch an ad-friendly version of the apps for Mac, and Windows, too.

Admob said it plans on working with Google to offer Ad-free functionality for Android users, as well as for iOS users who have YouTube apps on their phones.

“Admob is committed to creating a world where the ads that people are seeing on the web and the ads people are paying for are equally delivered,” said AdMob’s head of digital advertising, John Rizzo, in a statement.

“With Admob, you’ll never miss ads and you’ll always get more value from the web,” he added.

AdBlock’s Rosenblath said that, while AdMob was not yet ready to offer ad blockers, it was working on a feature to allow people to block ads on YouTube.

“I think this is a game-changer for the adblock industry,” Rosenblast said.

“It’s a huge step for Adblock, and a huge move for the industry,” said Ben Rosenblat, CEO of AdBlock, in an interview.

“It shows that Adblock has real clout and that it can be successful.”

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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