Facebook has launched a new ad campaign for India in a bid to reach the rural and rural-heavy market.

The ad campaign is targeting small businesses across rural areas, with the goal of boosting sales and creating job opportunities.

The campaign has already been rolled out to some rural villages in Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra.

The ads feature a small village boy, a boy and a girl.

The advertisement features them in a simple yet engaging way, with a smiley face and a big “Bhagat Singh” in the middle.

In a video uploaded to Facebook’s mobile advertising platform, the boy asks the boy: “Why is it that the boy in the village is happy, but the boy not happy?”

He then asks the girl: “What is the difference between me and him?,” to which she responds: “I don’t know.”

The ad ends with a picture of the boy and girl smiling together.

The campaign is the latest initiative Facebook is taking up with India in order to reach rural and urban audiences.

In 2016, the company launched a campaign in rural India titled “I’m the man in the house,” where the boy’s parents showed the video of him and his sister playing together.

In 2017, the campaign called “My Life with My Daughter” featured the boy, his parents and his daughter at a dinner table with the words: “A life is a story.

A life is what happens in your house.”

The company also launched a free online video ad campaign in 2015 that featured a woman in a house with the same message.

The ad was aimed at women who might feel discouraged when it comes to job prospects.

In the last few months, Facebook has also launched several other ad campaigns in India, including one targeting farmers, one targeted fishermen and one aimed at students.