Today’s Fox News program featured a segment on why the upcoming California election could be rigged.

Here’s the transcript: “We have a problem, a very real one, and I mean a very, very serious problem, and we are going to have to fix it, Meghan, because if you look at the facts, this election is rigged.”

Meghan was not on the air.

A transcript of the segment can be found here.

 Fox News host Meghan McCarthy appeared on Fox News’s Fox & Hannity on June 20, 2017, to discuss the possibility that the election could have been rigged.

The segment focused on the recent reports of Russian cyber activity, including a Russian intelligence operation that was supposed to affect the California primary.

Fox News has repeatedly asserted that the hacking is not the result of an attempt to disrupt the election process, but instead is the work of a hostile actor who has infiltrated the state election system.

This was a topic of discussion during Fox News’ May 20 edition of Hannity.

During the segment, Fox News host Bill Hemmer questioned why a Russian operative would use an American election to infiltrate an American voting system.

McCarthy explained that the Russians are not interested in the United States elections.

“Well, you have to understand this,” she said.

“If they were interested in doing that, they would have used it in the previous election, right?”

“They used it against Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary,” Hemmer countered.

McCarthy said that this election was a “test” for Democrats to see how they could attack.

She added that Democrats would use this election as a way to “challenge and challenge” Republicans on the right.

Hemmer pressed her further, asking if she was “sure that this is a test to see if we can challenge and challenge the Republicans.”

“You’re right, Bill,” McCarthy replied.

“But you know, I think the Democrats have made it clear to us that they’re not going to just take this election and throw it away and say, ‘Well, we didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton.’

They have said they will take the fight to Republicans.”

McCarthy said that she thought the “election is a little bit different from the previous ones because they’re different places and different time periods and different people.”

Later in the program, Fox &am show host Eric Bolling interviewed McCarthy. “

And if they’re determined to get the election right and if they don’t get it right, I don’t know what we’re supposed to do,” she added.

Later in the program, Fox &am show host Eric Bolling interviewed McCarthy.

Bolling pointed out that the Russian hacking of the U.S. election was the “biggest story in news” for a long time.

McCarthy responded that the news is “the biggest story in the world right now.”

Bolling also pointed out how the U and Russia are the “two big parties,” and suggested that it would be a “disaster” if the two parties were to separate.

Fox News’ Meghan and Eric Bollin are joined by Meghan’s husband, Mark Bolling, to talk about their family’s reaction to the Russian hack.

Fox <amp;AM’ s Eric Bollings and Meghan have both been vocal in their criticism of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

In 2016, the Bollings released a book titled “Putin’s America” that was critical of Putin. 

Bolling said that he thought it would “be a good thing for us to have a President who understands our country and wants to get along with us.”

In 2016, Bolling said, “The only thing that can bring Russia to the table is a genuine respect for our country.”

During his interview with Meghan on May 20, Meghann McCarthy said, “”If we have to go to the ballot box, if we have no other choice but to vote, that’s a choice that we have.” 

Boldy Meghan added that “the Russian hacking is going on now, and it’s not going away.”